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4 Ways to Use Planner Stickers (Hazy Days UK Guest Post by Kerrymay._.May)


So excited to be writing a post for Kelly over at the Hazy Days UK blog. You will all know that I love Kelly’s stickers, they are so varied and have stunning graphics and cuteness. So rather than me just showing you pictures of the pretties, I thought I would share some ways you can use them in both planners and journals.


Using Full Kits in Weekly Layouts:

I am using my stickers from (a variety of different kits, both functional and decorative). Using full kits for weekly planning is the most obvious way to use stickers in your planner and many of you will do this already. I like to be a bit different in that I use a blank tn insert and draw out my layouts each week using a different layout or style. I love that I can vary them up and mix and match things. The image above uses the Three Bears kit which is stunning. For this layout I have used a vertical TN boxes layout, whereas the with the stunning autumnal Little Red Riding Hood kit below I have chosen a more streamlined horizontal layout similar to the Carpe Diem.


Here are just a few of my experimental layouts using Kelly’s stickers.


Using Functional Stickers and Deco Sheets

I love functional and decorative stickers. I must admit to using decorative more to add a bit of prettiness to my planning. I am definitely more an aesthetic planner than a functionality planner. That said, Kelly’s icons are great to add to monthly and weekly pages as you are filling them in. Here’s a few ways I have used the two sets of stickers for a more functional style bullet journal/bujo style planner layout.


Using Planner Stickers in Creative Journaling and Bullet Journals

I have also used stickers from Kelly in my creative journal pages and in my bullet journal, in particular the deco sheets. In the image above you can see the gorgeous bujo pastel headers of the days of the week (I use these a lot) and you can also get a set of number/date stickers in the same styles and colours. They are stunning. Below is part of a page I created for my Summer holiday break up day.


My very first purchase from Hazy Days was their reading log stickers, which went straight into my bullet journal on my reading page. It’s a lovely long sticker which you can use to track your reading on the go. I have also used Kelly’s stickers on my dashboards. The gorgeous dreamcatcher came from a boho feathers set and I just love it.


Monthly Planning Using Sticker Kits

Finally, I use my Hazy Days stickers for planning my monthly layouts. I have used two of Kelly’s monthly kits: The Boho/Tribal Kit and the Flowers Monthly kit. They are both gorgeous. You can see how I used the tribal kit here Monthly Planning in my Traveler’s Notebook (Planner Girls Collective).

The beautiful flowers kit I have used here (complete with a plan with me video)
Monthly Kit Plan With Me 


I hope this post has inspired you to be more of a creative planner or given you a few ideas for using your stickers. Now go and check out Kelly’s shop (You can use code KERRY15 for 15% off no min spend), the link should apply the discount if from a computer.

Thank you for reading, Kerry xxx



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